After the 60th Reunion - Survey

In the planning for the 60th reunion the committee is faced with what's next?   Are we continuing with reunion #65?  Reunion #70?  Reunion #75?  If so, do we change to a daytime format?  Do we plan a smaller venue?  Do we continue the present style program?  We cannot effectively plan for the future without your direction.  Some classes behind and ahead of ours  have discontinued reunions.  Please give your thoughts in this survey so we can plan a meaningful reunion experience.             

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1)   * As we are all aging so gracefully, do you think you would consider attending future reunions?

Would you consider events every two-three years? All activities on one day?
2)   * Are you happy with the present program format (introductions, in memory program, meal, scholarship activity, class update & closing)?

present style? more informal/casual? Shorter/longer in length?
3)   * As our attendance numbers decline each year should we adjust to smaller venue? Style of Food service?

Smaller less private facility, Food service (buffet or order from menu)
continue with both Reunion and milestone Birthday events, keep Kewpee event?
4)   * In terms of continuing events into the future, would you consider joining other classes at the same venue & time, with breakout sessions for specific classes?

By consolidating common activities the cost of the venue and services could be shared so that the cost per person is reasonable. In addition seeing schoolmates from other classes could add to the overall experience.
5)   * Would you consider changing the event hours to 4-7 or 5-8 PM?

That would keep all travel time in daylight hours.
This survey ended on 12/31/2022.